Who would have thought that by falling in love with a wonderful Dutch man and moving to The Netherlands I would also encounter my most favourite word ever: Duizendpootje…

In German… Tausendfüssler…
in French… Mille-pattes…
in Latin… Chilopoda…
in English… Centipede.

Yet nothing compares to the beautiful Dutch ‘duizendpootje’… when I was first called that wonderful word it was because I have my ‘pootjes’ (my feets, hands, mind, interests) in a thousand things at the same time. It’s true… I confess… I love doing… everything! Perhaps a bit confusing from the outside… and often enough from the inside, too… yet it is so much fun!
So here it is… my little world of… everything… and in it… am I…

the duizendpootje…
One body, a thousand legs.
One heart, a thousand ideas.
One spark of inspiration, a thousand creative ways of expression.

(Borrowed from “On the Warrior’s Path”)
An unenlightened social tendency pushes us to become specialized in one field.
Restricting our horizons is encouraged to seek perfect efficiency in only one activity, avoid dispersing our energies, and dedicate ourselves to a well-defined career. This is how experts are born and life dies. These goals are fitting for an assembly line, not for human beings.Only in the synthesis of the most diverse fields of knowledge and activity does life reveal its full intensity.
Today, in a time of globalization and collapse of national identities, this is as true as ever.
The age of specialization is over.
It is time to play again.

It is the time for Duizendpootjes:
Fimo Art & Jewellery, Bread and Brownie Baking, Yoga, Web & Logo Design, Gardening,
Knitting, Sewing, Wine tasting, Dream catchers, Photography, Natural Art,
Qi Gong, Permaculture, Drawing, Piano, Archery, Five Rhythms Dancing,
Mandala Drawing, Human Design Reading, Herbal Therapy, Deep Ecology Workshops,
Origami, Feng Shui, Creative Writing, Mindfulness, Painting,
Ayurvedic Cooking, Aikido, Deep Listening, Massage therapy, Dragon Dreaming,
Kombucha Brewing, Zen Meditation, Tea Ceremony, Aromatic Oils,
and still legs unused for whatever other surprises life will offer in the future…

And if you want to know how to say it: listen here!